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You can use it easily, it is a help for you. You can pull the corners of the sunsail to the imagined place on an uploaded photo of you.

We wish you good planning!

Helping toughts

Dear visitor!
I offer the online buying for technological sense and do-it-yourself fans, I give a few advices for them.I give answers for your further questions from 8 to 16 in worktime. My phone number is 00-36-30-946-88-14!
The given sizes of the sunsail are counted from the metal fixing rings placed in the corners, if you’d like to know the exact place of the sails use this, plus count with at least 13cm to the manual fixing, in case you can’t  strain further and if you install the strainer,then count with min. 30cm. In this case you can increase these distances by using wires. We measure the dimensions at the outside elongation of the bisector!(13cm bisector elongation=10cm both side)   I don’t advice that you plan every corner with 13cm or with too long wire. In the first case you can’t strain it after it’s ready, in the other case the sail is going to swing too much when it’s windy! We are looking for strong lashing points!
If you find the points of sunsail, we tie the sunsail up  for example with spanifer. If it neccessary, select  the available points and after install the  furtherer fixing points and column. When everything is in right place, change the package fastener ropes to the fixing metal items!
In case of more sunsails, calculate with the ivolving gaps between them, if the sunsails are overlapping, mind the necessary distance between them. (sunshine, friction- abrasion)
If you need it, we can offer you the necessary fixing items near the ordered sunsails, but for this option we need to know the exact place you would like to fix the sunsail (e.g.: end of a beam, hollow brick or solid brick wall, metal or wood pillar. Above 5cm thick insulation, it is dangerous to fix the sunsail only with screw, consult with us!)  and the distance between the corner of the sunsail and the fixing point. Based on the informations given, we assemble the appropriate fixing items and send you! The costs won’t cost more then a few thousand forints for each corners, even if more INOX wires needed!
We are looking forward to you order and help your buliding!