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Családi vitorlaépítések

Családok számára épített vitorláink melyek kellemes – árnyékos pihenőhelyet nyújtanak, látványosan alakítják a ház megjelenését, télen pedig nincsenek útjában a melegítő napsugaraknak.

Feltekerhető napvitorla

Speciális igényeknek megfelelő választás lehet, bár drágább mint fix testvére – áttervezéssel sokszor ki is váltható rá – de szívesen építjük!

Közösségi területek vitorlázása

Éttermeknek, közparkoknak és más közösségi területeknek, mert nem dönti a szél a vendégekre és többször van kánikula vagy vihar, mint csendes szemerkélő eső!

Naphálók és naprolók

A naphálót nagy területek időszakos lenge árnyékolására javasoljuk. A roló pedig hasznos kiegészítője lehet a színekben egyező napvitorláknak.

Welcome to our renewed homepage!

Dear visitor! I would like to present you our favourable priced, standard or special sunsails, made of high quality materials! We have many years experiences behind our back in producing and building sunsails. Our references are remarkable in different shape and color, „fixed” and „furling” type sunsails. You can visit our showroom during the whole year and see the great variety of sails, where you can buy the chosen sunsail in our office from stock. You can buy it via online-post office, too! We are at your service with consulting, ingredients and we have partners nation-wide. We guarantee warranty for the sunsails, this is assured by our producing background. And, what can we do with sunsails? Please look at the pictures presenting our job!


We produce sunsails by the dozen in throughout the country, so we have picked some from our most various and spectacular works which shows what various solutions can be offered by our.

Prices-Sizes-Standard and customized sunsails

Strict quality control, huge and prompt variety of colours and sizes – Fullgarden is our brand. Our sewing-as a representative of three factories-ensures the perfect quality and the background of guarantee. You can find our products from our distributors too on menu connection

Prices, forms-sizes and colours in 2019

I recommend you the menu „Useful advices” to choose the best form and size of the sunsail, that you can get from stock immediately or we send it after sewing in a little while.

Have you tried our free design software?


If you would like to see the result, upload a photo of the place to the program and built the poles of the sunsail according to your idea. If you need help in planning please send us a photo about the place that you want to shade (if it is possible, take the photo from above) or draw a plan with sizes. We promise, we will „sail up” your house sooner than you would think! You can always change the colors, sizes and forms on the spot, because we visit you with more sunsails and you can follow the prices! I can give further informations for designer or in the case of making unique sunsails.

Dear Consigner and Customer


I hope you are contented with our works, so we wait your opinions. If we have not reached the heights of the situation we can learn from your constructive criticism.
Sunsail Shop Team

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